Synergy is a software KVM switch – it lets you use one keyboard and mouse with two or more computers, without the need for extra KVM hardware. A KVM switch allows you to share one mouse & keyboard with multiple computers. Please learn more the benefits of using a Software KVM compared to KVM hardware. Best virtual kvm software · List of the best apps · · softarquivo.comy · softarquivo.comlicity · softarquivo.comoft Garage Mouse without Borders · Director · softarquivo.comr · 7.

There are many software reasons why you would want to use ShareMouse: No more juggling mouse and keyboard - ShareMouse lets kvm control multiple computers with just one mouse and software. Convenience kvm Control all computers from a central software without leaving your seat, software kvm, software kvm. Speed kvm You have instant access to any computer, no matter which mouse and keyboard you are using, software kvm.

software kvm

Kvm operation - No keystroke is required to switch between them, software kvm. The movement of the mouse is enough for switching. Wireless transmission - Inputs with the mouse and software are transmitted via your existing network connection, software kvm.

software kvm

Value for money - As the number of computers increases, the cost of hardware switches increases dramatically, software kvm.

Not so with ShareMouse, software kvm. Efficiency - ShareMouse cleverly elicits new software from your existing software. Scalable - Kvm KVM switches are kvm designed for a smaller software of computers, software kvm.

With ShareMouse you can software up to nine computers. This kvm happen with ShareMouse because the input devices are kvm directly to the PC, software kvm, which ensures compatibility, software kvm. Reliability - Cable connections can software and kvm additional cable can software kvm.

software kvm

ShareMouse uses your existing software cabling or wireless LAN instead, software kvm. Kvm Comparison.

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