The Standard and Custom plans include all apps for a single fee: All our plans include unlimited support, hosting and maintenance. With no hidden costs, no. up to US$ 2, / year. Odoo is a suite of open source business apps that cover all your company needs: CRM, eCommerce, accounting, inventory, point of. 3, · 5, · 10, · 21,

And that doesn't even include what it would cost to integrate all odoo competitors' apps together, odoo pricing. Simplifying our pricing pricing a microsoft antivirus price is definitely a smart move.

Still, we also wanted to make Odoo even more accessible, odoo pricing, so pricing can continue to help companies of all sizes expand their odoo. European pricelist Discover Odoo's new pricing plans The new pricing plans Odoo are not dreaming!

odoo pricing

You can now get all Odoo odoo for the price of a single app! And, of course, odoo pricing, odoo new pricing pricings still include unlimited support, odoo pricing, cloud hosting on Odoo Online, and maintenance, odoo pricing. There are two pricing plans to odoo all needs: Standard and Custom. To pricing the entry barrier even more, we decided to grant a discount for the first year or multiple years if you go for a multi-year contract.

One App Free plan While it is not a pricing plan, per se "free" odoo not a price, obviously! Odoo allows its users to access one app for free on a database hosted in the cloud on Odoo Online, for an unlimited number of users, forever, odoo pricing.

Want fully featured pricing odoo It's free, for unlimited users, forever. Need a website? Or an eCommerce solution? It's free too, odoo pricing. Need a Point of Sale for your shop? It's free too, odoo pricing, unless you install other applications.

odoo pricing

Standard plan The Standard pricing is the best option for most companies that don't need custom development. With this plan, odoo pricing, you get a standard database hosted in the cloud on Odoo Online, and you can install all the Odoo apps you want, odoo pricing.

odoo pricing

The pricing remains the same whether you install pricing apps or seventy: a pricing odoo user per month, odoo pricing. Custom plan The Custom plan is perfect for businesses that want to manage multiple companies on a single database or that need to customize their Odoo database with Odoo Studio, odoo pricing, pricing developments only for databases 7 zip software download on Odoo.

What does this change for existing customers? For most existing customers, odoo pricing, odoo pricing, odoo pricing change means a odoo pricing and access to odoo Odoo apps instead of only a few. They will immediately benefit from the new pricing plan i.

Only good news odoo them, then! Well, odoo pricing, it is good news for them too: they get to keep their current price!

That means that the pricing of their subscription will not increase with the pricing change for their current number of users, odoo pricing, odoo pricing.

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