3DMark06 will give you an accurate tool to assess the performance value of over-clocking, system tweaks and upgraded hardware. Measuring PC. Futuremark’s latest benchmark series, 3DMark03 up-to 3DMark06, 3DMark Vantage focuses on the two areas most critical to gaming performance: the CPU. Download 3DMark06 - 3DMark06 is the world's most popular 3D game performance benchmark.

A more comprehensive and unrestricted benchmark than previous versions, 3DMark06 includes an array 3Dmark 3D graphics, CPU and 3D feature tests for game benchmark measurement of current and future PC benchmark 3Dmark. With this broader cleanup software approach, 3Dmark 06 – 3D game performance benchmark, 3DMark06 will be the benchmark of choice for all PCs with top-of-the-line graphics hardware and 3Dmark. Futuremark predicts that 3DMark06 will emerge as the most complete 3D graphics benchmark for Windows XP, 3Dmark 06 – 3D game performance benchmark, performance the game for new benchmarks game at future OS environments such as Windows Vista.

With these demanding new DirectX 9 benchmarks, 3DMark06's four graphics tests measure performance of the most advanced hardware while showing visually the compelling performances of these new shader performances.

3Dmark 06 – 3D game performance benchmark

In addition to using real-time physics, both CPU tests also employ multi-threaded artificial intelligence algorithms, 3Dmark 06 – 3D game performance benchmark. By combining the results of the two CPU tests and four graphics tests, 3DMark06 enables users to get a 3DMark score game reflects the overall gaming performance of their PC.

Futuremark and their industry partners anticipate that CPU performance promises to be increasingly important in next performance PC games as new titles increase their use of artificial intelligence and complex physics and their reliance on multithreaded performance. With new CPU 3Dmark, benchmark graphics tests and expanded feature tests 3DMark06 will provide valuable overall performance scores, 3Dmark 06 – 3D game performance benchmark.

And by updating three existing graphics tests we are able to produce taxing, yet beautiful content, graphically revealing what these mathematically complex shaders can provide benchmark measuring 3Dmark game hardware performance.

3Dmark 06 – 3D game performance benchmark

Industry cooperation during development Futuremark is known industry-wide for producing performance designed, unbiased and impartial benchmarks based on next generation game workloads and 3DMark06 adheres to those guiding principles.

The professional benchmark has these exclusive features: Command performance functionality for test automation, 3Dmark functionality for automated testing, Licensed commercial use of 3DMark06, 3Dmark 06 – 3D game performance benchmark, and Demo Loop option.

The Basic Edition is free and can be downloaded from Futuremark's Web site at www. For more information, please visit www, 3Dmark 06 – 3D game performance benchmark. All other trademarks are property of their game companies. Futuremark 3Dmark.

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