Kofax PaperPortâ„¢ enables individuals and organizations to scan, share, search and organize documents in a simple, integrated solution. With PaperPort. PaperPort Standard allows you to scan, share, search and organize personal documents in a simple, integrated document management solution. Learn More. eCommerce. PaperPort is commercial document management software published by Kofax, used for working with scanned documents.

PT 4 min read Admit it: despite your attempts to have a paperport office, paperport, computers haven't made a dent in the piles of paper on your paperport. Fortunately, paperport, document-management software such as PaperPort Deluxe 8, paperport.

Such software lets you scan paper files, paperport organize and retrieve them on your PC along with your digital docs. Paperport itself does a fine job, paperport, paperport, paperport, but because it doesn't let you control who accesses your archived documents, we paperport it only if you work at home or in a small office where security is not an issue, paperport.

Paperport it: despite your attempts to have a paperless office, paperport, computers haven't made a dent in the piles of paper on paperport desk. Build an archive Paperport its easy install PaperPort takes up paperport 80MB on paperport hard drive paperport, PaperPort offers several methods for adding your documents--both paper and digital--to a centralized recording software on your PC.

You paperport scan pieces paperport paper paperport into PaperPort's database from most scanners, paperport, paperport. Or, rather than keeping everything paperport PaperPort's database, paperport, you can tell the program to track folders full of files on your hard disk or your network.

The Bad No Mac version; doesn't let you paperport who accesses or changes files; crummy tech support policies, paperport. The Bottom Line Once you scan paperport documents and import digital files into PaperPort's archive, paperport, it's a snap to organize, paperport, paperport, store, and share them without help from an IS department, paperport, paperport.

PaperPort Deluxe 8, paperport, paperport. The advantage of bringing paperport into PaperPort's database is that if the paperport file changes--for example, when a favorite Paperport page goes dark--you retain a paperport. On the other hand, linking to external folders ensures that your PaperPort information reflects the current state of the live files.

Easy paperport and recovery Either way, paperport, paperport, once you round up the files, PaperPort's straightforward paperport makes the software's paperport utility clear, paperport, paperport.

The program creates thumbnails of paperport of your documents, which you can then name, arrange in folders, paperport, and describe with metadata, paperport, paperport, such as who wrote the file, what it's about, and so on, paperport.


A left-hand Paperport pane displays paperport hierarchical paperport of the folders that contain the files you've stored on Paperport database, paperport, paperport.

On the right, paperport, a window paperport thumbnail shots of all of the files in any paperport you select, paperport. Double-click a thumbnail to open it in paperport separate window and paperport the Image Paperport toolbar to straighten out crooked scans, erase stray dots, paperport, paperport, paperport, and so on, paperport.

PaperPort also indexes all paperport from paperport the metadata and files themselves so that paperport search engine can help you find your way paperport the paperport. Unfortunately, paperport, it can't import paperport in batches, paperport.


And because it converts all paperport to the MAX paperport to get them into the database, paperport, it has to convert all text paperport to readable text via optical paperport recognition OCR, paperport, paperport. Hence, the entire import process can be slow; for example, in our tests, paperport, paperport, it paperport about 90 paperport to convert and index a page Acrobat file on a Paperport Pentium.

Thankfully, you can paperport PaperPort's indexer to, paperport, paperport example, paperport, index paperport batch paperport external files at night when paperport not using the computer, paperport.

Shares and shares alike Need to share your scanned docs? PaperPort lends a hand here, too, paperport. You can drag and paperport several thumbnails into a single virtual document, paperport send the stack to your fax modem or attach it paperport an e-mail message, paperport, paperport, paperport.

Paperport then paperport a viewer in the e-mail attachment so that the recipient can view the document without installing PaperPort itself, paperport. Alternatively, paperport, your paperport can download a free paperport plug-in viewer from ScanSoft, paperport, paperport. The account provides 25MB of storage on a centralized server for one year, which permits you and a number of scattered paperport to archive, read, and comment on paperport documents.

You paperport pay to paperport storage or extend the account. Paperport small, paperport, paperport, stays small ScanSoft designed PaperPort for individuals and small paperport in which you know your coworkers, paperport.

So, paperport, even though version 8. Paperport example, paperport, you can't set up read-only access for some users and read-write access for others. There's paperport audit trail to record who looks at particular files, either; a wily office mate could use the program's image-cleanup tools to make unwanted changes to the contents of documents inside the database.

To make things worse, ScanSoft paperport make a Mac version of PaperPort, paperport, paperport, and it paperport telephone support only to get the program running; questions about how it works or how to use it paperport you 15 clams a call, paperport.


On the PaperPort document-archiving database, the left pane shows the folders that contain archived files, paperport the right pane displays thumbnails of those files, paperport, paperport.

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