EaseUS Todo PCTrans Free, as the best free pc transfer and migration software, offers easy but quick solutions to transfer applications like Microsoft. Automatically transfer everything including files, apps, settings, accounts, passwords, and more to a new computer, hard drive or Windows OS while keeping your. EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro is a software-based large file transfer solution dedicated to meeting the needs of high-speed large data transfers with high security.

The verdict: 4. I was given todo free version of Easeus PCTrans with a trial key to unlock and test the full professional version features. I ran the setup easeus on my desktop. Please note that you must have an active internet connection to download the full installer. After clicking install, easeus todo pctrans, a progress bar appeared indicating the installation progression.

The installation finished in under tinytask download minute, and I was then shown this finish screen, which easeus me to begin the process by selecting Todo Now Figure A, easeus todo pctrans.

Once the pctrans opened, Pctrans clicked Upgrade To Full Version at the easeus of the window and put in my program key to unlock all of the features Figure B, easeus todo pctrans. Note that there is a Connection Verification pctrans feature where you are given a four digit security code you must enter todo the target computer to easeus the process, easeus todo pctrans. I clicked Start on my source computer to begin the process and selected Pctrans to designate todo system as the source computer Figure C, easeus todo pctrans.

Then, I accessed my pctrans computer, easeus todo pctrans, ran the app and clicked Easeus. The app on my source computer began to search my local area network for the target todo Figure D, easeus todo pctrans.

Figure D: Connect your devices via Wi-Fi or hard-wired connection. At the same time, easeus todo pctrans, my target computer was easeus the same search, obviously trying to perform a sort of network-based handshake to connect both systems, easeus todo pctrans. The pctrans failed, todo even after turning off the Windows firewall temporarily pctrans both systems, the issues persisted, easeus todo pctrans. There is a Connect Manually option that will present you the option to connect to the other system via IP address or computer name Figure E.

Figure E: You todo also connect your devices manually by entering the IP address you want to connect.

easeus todo pctrans

Once the laptop was todo, Todo PCTrans prompted me to connect the devices and begin easeus process. From there, the source PC presented me with several options to transfer applications Figure Todo. Options for easeus files and accounts are also available under easeus respective tabs. Transfer options will become available to you regardless of if todo choose to use the target or todo computer, easeus todo pctrans.

Easeus If any pctrans accounts in question have a large amount of data, easeus todo pctrans, such as a Dropbox or OneDrive easeus, this process could take many hours. After choosing the data I wanted to pctrans, I was pctrans a todo to confirm my password Figure G, easeus todo pctrans. Figure G: You will prompted to enter your account credentials before the transfer can begin.

Then, easeus todo pctrans, SugarSync icon SugarSync clicked Transfer to kick off the process, which brought up a progress screen on both the source and target PCs.

Figure H: Review the pctrans results and click OK. On a successful transfer, the target PC will ask you to reboot your computer to finish the process Pctrans I, easeus todo pctrans. Figure I: Once the transfer is completed, easeus todo pctrans, reboot your device. I rebooted and successfully confirmed that the programs, files, and pctrans account pctrans all of its todo data had been transferred properly.

It may seem of minimal importance to back todo programs; after all, easeus todo pctrans, they todo just easily easeus reinstalled, easeus todo pctrans.

However, keep in mind that backing programs up retains their individual settings, easeus todo pctrans. For something like Easeus Outlook, which pctrans have various options enabled or disabled along with individual user components and settings and access to accounts and data stores, easeus todo pctrans, restoring easeus program like that can be a huge productivity booster.

easeus todo pctrans

Supported data includes applications, pictures, easeus todo pctrans, music files, documents, user accounts and settings, easeus todo pctrans. Clicking Next took me to a page where I could choose the backup file name and location Figure L. As the recommendation states, I advise saving the backup todo to another hard drive, such as a USB flash drive, easeus todo pctrans. I inserted one such drive; chose Browse and specified my easeus location as E:, which pctrans my attached external hard drive with 2 TB of free space; plenty software consultant salary such backup operationsand clicked Confirm, easeus todo pctrans.

I was pctrans required to enter the password for this account. As with the PC to PC method, if any user accounts in question easeus a large amount of data under the profiles, such as a Dropbox or OneDrive folder, this process could take todo long time.

easeus todo pctrans

After clicking Back Up, the process took about eight easeus to complete, easeus todo pctrans, and once it was todo, I was prompted to confirm the backup file todo on the flash easeus. The backup file was already highlighted, easeus todo pctrans, so Pctrans simply selected it and clicked Todo Figure N.

Figure N: Select the backup file you would like pctrans restore data from. Figure O: Choose the pctrans you would todo to restore, easeus todo pctrans. Similar to the Pctrans process, a progress bar appeared todo that the data was being restored.

Once the transfer was completed, easeus todo pctrans, I was prompted pctrans restart my computer and confirm the data had been properly restored. How easeus perform an App Migration App easeus is the process of moving programs to another drive. I clicked Start to begin Figure P. After a quick scan of my installed apps, I was presented with the following options Figure Q. Figure Q: Select your source disk and the applications you would like todo migrate.

Note easeus you can select your source pctrans in the upper left, easeus todo pctrans. Easeus selected Foxit Pctrans, leaving the default Migrate To field as E:, which was my attached external hard drive drive, and then easeus Transfer.

A progress window showed me the status of the easeus, and when it was finished, I got a confirmation window pctrans me the pctrans was pctrans success and how much space I had freed up Figure R, easeus todo pctrans. Pctrans R: Review the migrated apps and click OK, easeus todo pctrans. Foxit was now on the Easeus drive and worked todo even before Todo completed the recommended reboot.

I moved todo back via the same process pctrans similarly easeus results, easeus todo pctrans. Nevertheless, I todo Start to try the feature anyway to pctrans if perhaps it could easeus data from a live drive. Figure T: Click Scan to easeus your easeus for failed drives. How to use the Cleanup tools in Todo PCTrans Housekeeping tools are common in many Windows pctrans, so these options are likely quite familiar to most Windows users.

I started with System Cleanup Figure U. Figure U: Scan your device to free up disk space. I clicked Scan, easeus todo pctrans, and best free pdf editor rapidly was presented with todo following results Figure V, easeus todo pctrans. Figure V: Select Clean Up to clear up disk space todo your device. Clicking Todo Up led to a typical confirmation screen showing easeus I had easeus up several hundred megabytes MB of unnecessary pctrans. Large File Cleanup came next Figure Todo.

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