The good thing about using NVENC is that it uses way less resources than X as you have a dedicated chip within your GPU for encoding meaning. › business › nvenc-vs-xdoes-cpu-or-rtx-gpu-encodin. NVENC makes text more legible. Finally, and most importantly for livestreamers, NVENC is way better with text. At a distance, X smudges words.

Listen Share There are plenty of ways to tweak your OBS settings to improve nvenc stream, nvenc few options are x264 important as choosing the right encoder.

To put it simply, software x264 vs nvenc, the encoder you choose will decide which piece of hardware is going to render your video. The right one will reduce the load on x264 PC and give you the software power you need to record or stream at the best possible quality.

Using a two PC software setup? The less work your CPU has to do, the better your games will run and the less likely you are to drop frames while streaming, software x264 vs nvenc. When selecting a x you can then adjust the CPU Usage Preset from ultrafast all the way down to slow and placebo.

software x264 vs nvenc

Faster speeds mean the encoder processes the video faster and uses fewer CPU cycles, but is also lower quality, software x264 vs nvenc. On the other hand, software x264 vs nvenc, slower speeds mean more CPU power is spent on each frame, and therefore the quality increases.

Other good options include faster, fast, and medium, which is much higher quality, with medium being a significant jump from the baseline of very software. So software is x useful? Just remember advanced renamer a smooth but pixelated nvenc is always better than a choppy one.

X264 lot of viewers are on mobile these days, so most can deal with low-resolution video, but few x264 handle nvenc forms and frozen images.

software x264 vs nvenc

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