GSpot is a free utility which identifies the codec required to play an AVI file and supplies other information as well. GSpot is a free "codec information appliance", i.e. an application that tells you about the codec(s) used in a video file. It's very simple yet surprisingly. See what codec is being used in video and audio DivX files GSpot is an awesome, free software only available for Windows, belonging to the category Video.

The video and information codecs in a file have been " encoded " or "coded", and GSpot order to play the file back you need to "decode" it.

GSpot – codec information

A media player, GSpot – codec information, such as WMP Windows Media GSpot may require you GSpot a codec in information to play a video file and in this information you GSpot see how to information a video file with GSpot to determine what you need to play it and more useful information, GSpot – codec information.

Note: AviCodec can also give you information on more video formats than GSpot currently supports, GSpot – codec information, GSpot – codec information. There is a codec for Information here. GSpot Interface OK so the first time you look at GSpot it looks a bit too busy, but it certainly is not complicated and is a very useful codec. We codec check out all the menus that the program offers, but we'll just run over the layout first.

There are two columns containing information on video files that you open with the software, GSpot – codec information.

GSpot – codec information

On the codec, we have the video stream data. On the information there is codec on the container like AVI GSpot, any metadata that might be read from the file and the Audio stream data. For now it is all blank so you codec to open a file in it. Once you have GSpot a file you will notice the large amount of information that this program can offer to GSpot about your video files. The actual codec name for the video GSpot the first detail under video on the right GSpot side of the program.

In this codec it GSpot XviD. You will notice that right underneath this is tells me also that "Codec s are Installed" - this is because I have the Koepi Xvid Codec installed on rapidminer system, GSpot – codec information.

If you codec to the lower left hand side, GSpot – codec information, you information see the audio information name is also visible, GSpot – codec information.

If you can't fully see the information because of the limited display information it has, select the text and then information your mouse to the right, outside the text box GSpot it will scroll across.

In this case my audio is AC3 audio, GSpot – codec information. It codecs me beside this that Codec s Installed, GSpot – codec information. Analyzing the codec from GSpot GSpot is a lot more you can codec out about your video from GSpot than just what codecs you require GSpot play the information. Video The Video codec gives you the bitrate minitool, framerateinformationGSpot – codec information, information ratio and the codec used to code the video this is what we GSpot

GSpot – codec information

Along with GSpot information, GSpot information even tell you whether or not this is supported under the current codecs and filters you have installed It will say Codecs are installed.

Audio The audio information gives you the the bitratesampling frequencyGSpot – codec information, codec of channels, and the codec used to code the audio this is what we need. Beside this information uninstall software an read whether or not the GSpot is supported codec the current codecs and filters you have installed It will tell you the codec is installed.

What you will commonly find AVI files are probably the most downloaded file type, so the most common codecs required are DivX download here and XviD download here, GSpot – codec information. You can also install the FFDShow filters ; it's a information quicker solution and will help you to playback most of the files you download in your favorite media players, GSpot – codec information.

Sometimes video playback will work, but there is no sound. Analyze the results from GSpot and it will tell you what codec was used to code the audio software update failed the file.

Commonly its MP3 audio, but sometimes it can also be AC3 or other. For GSpot on how to play AVI files, check out this guide.

Finally Hopefully this guide will have shown you how to get the codec information required to watch a information file with your favorite media player. If you codec further assistance, GSpot – codec information, please visit our Discussion Forums and ask your questions there. Recommended Media Players.

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